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Berlin _Italy
2019 - now

Ex Corpore is based on the gesture of extracting and taking portions of images from gay pornographic sources. The project explores pornography both as a staged intimacy and as an urge to desire for actual closeness. The extract is a process in which the virtual images became real. In this way, the image of a body becomes a body in itself. The analogy between the bodies internal to the image and the embodied image generates two epidermal levels: one skin within the scene and another consisting of the coloured surface, made of craters, spots and wounds.

Printed photography is a form of reincarnation. I photograph the computer screen to appreciate its virtual device's materiality. Then I see the screen's body in relation to representation's corporeality. A tension arises between the need to get closer to the body and the body's virtuality that seems stuck into the screen shape. If the screen is an architectural space, how can I relate to the bodies that habit this environment?