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Valerio Conti is a visual artist, architect and musician who lives and works in Italy. A fundamental act of his practice is investigating the genesis of self-destructive feelings, both from a personal and collective point of view. His practice aims to be open and investigates moving images, architecture and music. It is currently working on the haptic trait of virtual images of bodies as forms of solitude’s relics.

CURRICULUM VITAE  (download cv)

2020 Scuola Cònia, directed by Claudia Castellucci (Societas Raffaello Sanzio), Cesena

2018-2019 Master MOVIES Iuav 110L/110

2018 Admitted to practice as an architect, Politecnico di Milano

2010-2016 Master’s Degree in Architecture at Alma Mater
Studiorum of Bologna. 110/110

2015-2016 Itinerant Master in “Museum Design, Architecture and Archaeology. Design Strategic and Innovative Management of archaeological heritage” Academy of Architecture and Archaeology Onlus, Rome

2005-2010 Scientific Studies at Higher Secondary School, San Marino

1998-2010 Istituto Musicale Sammarinese

2021 Selected at, Basel
2020 Selected at School of waters, Mediterranea 19 young artist biennale

2020 Curator and artist of the publication and exhibition of the I and II years of the Master in Moving Images Arts “Lonely At The Party”, in collaboration with Adriatico Book Club, Venice.
2020 Residency at MetaForte
2020 Video direction with I Randagi

2019 Portfolio special mention call “Sacred. The experience of beyond” by Urbanautica
2019 Assistant, Peter Welz, Berlin
2019 Karaoke Umbratile, Venice, Palazzo Badoer - San Marino Galleria Nazionale

2017-2018 Collaboration at the studio PARK associati in Milan
2017 Installation “in the corner” at Mediterranea 18 - Young Artists Biennale

2016 Collaboration at the studio of Arch. Antonella Salvatori and Arch.Sandro Pittini (RSM)
2016 Tutor at the faculty of Architecture of Bologna with Arch.Sandro Pittini

2015-Now Founder and collaborating partner of Makeroba s.r.l (RSM)

2014 “Progettare l’Archeologia”. Designing Archeology. International museography competition villa Adriana XII edition. First prize

2012-2017 Acting and singing experiences with the Cesena company “Genesi”